Experienced entrepreneur with more than 4 years of wide experience in leadership, management, product management, UX, strategy and project management.

My favorite creations.



Co-Founder and Product Manager

Meetee.ai Meetings That Work for You.​
Managers and their teams should get the best from their meetings, by using less platform and more AI to create meetings that work for them.
This is what Meetee is all about.
Successfully deployed the product (SaaS) to more than 500 weekly users (B2B).


Product Manager

Full responsive website integrated with CRM, helps thousands of candidates a year apply for special programs.

Designed & Developed by: Webstick


Product Manager

A toolbox for the creation of a local scouting community | Downloaded by more than 50,000 users


Designed by: Create

Developed by: Compie Technologies


UX student

It helps people to understand who needs to be their political candidates.

Lecturer: Lior Yair, Create


UX student

It helps you find where your family is, at any time and any place.

Lecturer: Lior Yair, Create


UX course as part of BA

Gives you a reflection of what you have done in the digital world this month.

Designed in collaboration with Amdocs for their AT&T cellular product.

Lecturer: Jehonathan Bar, Amdocs


Digital consultant

Digital consultant for companies and organisations.

As a freelance - Project management, website creation, lectures and workshops, specification documents, usability testings and reports.


Co-Founder and Product Manager

Ziptalks.com (Closed in 2019) facilitated communities to meet online and participate in LIVE talks.

Successfully deployed the service (B2C) to more than 1,000 users.


Product Manager

Educational Content Framework helping teams to manage their time & content, allowing to focus on what truly matters | Used by 10,000 weekly users

Designed by: Create

Developed by: CodeOasis

About me.


I collect music records

I collected more then 300 music records.

I started collecting them after receiving from my parents their old patiphon.

Founder of ZipRays techtalk

A premium, 3 days long, online conference, featuring presentations and discussions with Israeli high-tech leaders about the state of the Israeli high-tech.

Be prepared

All my life I was a scout in the Israeli scouts movement.

So far I have traveled more than 2,400 kilometers on hiking trails throughout Israel.

I raised a future guide dog for the blind

Volunteered to raise a future guide dog from early life until starting training course.


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